Writing a Personal Statement Essay

personal statement essay

Personal statement often referred as the “statement of purpose” or a “personal essay”, is an act of writing which gives you the opportunity to project your personal and socioeconomic status to some documentation. Frequently encountered whereabouts such as: who you are? What do you do? From where are you coming from? What are your ambition or career ideologies and many likewise inquiries about your personal profile can be easily embedded into a written database order. Personal statement essays do not concentrate only about your self-being, but is also a structure that includes your family background and certain relevant information to portrait your characteristics in a true sense.

Personal statement essays are all about writing your experience in your own self-expressions. The subject is dealt with utmost informal vocabulary with a touch to prove your ambition set high for a professional profile outlook. In one stand you can provide your utmost personal information like how you have enjoyed your college life with several funny incidents/ accidents or some misdeeds of what you do feel sorry for, on the other hand you can boost up your moral inclinations showing faith and belief in your ability to achieve to what you set your ambitions. Once you can describe about your situations on which you have been dealing with your day to day life, while on the mirror side you can put down several statistics that proves your ability to chase your dreams in a very optimistic manner.

There are certain clusters in which you can sub-divide the personal statement essays into several segments like:

  1. College
  2. Medical
  3. Law
  4. Management
  5. Academic essays etc.

From the different genres of orientation it is very much applicable fact that writing perspective will vary according to the segment choices. For an example, let us take each section once at a time and explain chronologically:

Personal statement for a College Student

For a college student, he will be emphasizing about his academic set points, his experiences of various achievements or setbacks, particularly how he has overcome the difficulties. Academic grade points are also a very important subject matter due to this regard.

Personal essay for a Graduate

The main focus point will lie on the career aspirations in which his target will be to obtain a job profile. He will also write about various educational scopes including cultural and literature notations.

Personal statement essay for a Law Graduate

The subject matter will discuss about the main reason for which he/she has opted for law courses. Socio-economic reflections will also highlight the verse with a motive of defining the various modes of law and justice.

Personal statement for a MBA

Various ethical issues will rise with the viewpoint of management events accomplishing the candidate’s leadership qualities and abilities to work in teams. Issues like globalization and marketing policies of different corporates will also be a key subject matter into this regard.

Personal statement essay for a Medical Trainee

This type of writing will be dominated by scopes of different researches about human health and applicable medicines. More technical terminologies will be the main subject matter incorporating the trainee’s inclination to the field of favorite medicines. Several residential experiences will also be a vital part of the documentation.

Different methods and steps to be practiced when writing Personal Statements:

  1. Surveying overview.
  2. Collecting information.
  3. Brainstorming.
  4. Writing.
  5. Providing facts and examples.
  6. Analyzing.
  7. Editing.
  8. Concluding.
  9. Adding footnotes if any important added information is needed.