Choosing Personal Essay Ideas to Explore

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personal essay ideas

Writing a personal essay can be a breeze, if you keep some tried-and-proven techniques and pointers in mind. For starters, draw up a list of personal essay ideas you have a passionate connection to. Use classic building materials, beginning with ideas that are close to heart.

If you’re writing for a campus publication or a magazine or newspaper, or an online site, you may want to write about important issues like your stand on an environmental topic (like the harmful effects of plastic bags) or ways to conserve energy, or you may want to tackle an important issue affecting everybody, like how to eat healthy & stay healthy.

One of the best approaches when writing a personal essay is to draw on your wellspring of experiences or people who inspire you. You may also use events as take-off points. Personal essays may expound on a concert or play – describe the main performers and how the audience found the event, and some technical details.

A personal essay may serve as some sort of review and express the writer’s views about certain destinations. Narrate your observations and express the impact of a place or object on you as well as on other people.
Opt for personal essay ideas you have knowledge about, and which you can corroborate with additional facts/evidences. In other words, be balanced and truthful. Some ideas for a personal essay you may want to tackle are:

  1. Personal traits that modern-day employers value
  2. People’s most compelling reasons for accepting a job
  3. The importance of social networking sites
  4. A mom’s greatest fears
  5. New-generation kids’ pluck
  6. Raging socio-political issues
  7. The benefits of using all-natural food choices and products
  8. Personal experiences (like near-death experiences or an encounter with a great person)
  9. Break-up (of friendship or marriage) and what you learned from it
  10. Memorable or hilarious encounters
  11. How to begin your personal essay

Employ the various senses when writing about your chosen personal essay topic. You can begin the essay by addressing the reader using a question, then segue to your suggestions, which also serves to introduce the main topic. Another approach is to use a turning point in life or an adventure, or a simple observation of something in your own backyard, which can hook the reader’s attention. If the essay is for university admission, highlight your strong traits and major accomplishments.

Once you’ve written the introduction, you can then cite the details, using specific examples and vivid language. You can freely express your sentiments in the essay, keeping in mind that readers should go away not perplexed but with a good idea on why you feel that way. Use language to show rather than just tell something. What’s important when choosing among personal essay ideas and buckling down to writing is that you succeed in getting the reader’s attention and make them read your piece in its entirety.