Following a Personal Essay Format Requirements

personal essay format

An essay is a piece of writing which is often written from the author or someone’s personal point of view. A personal essay format differs slightly from the other essay forms in its contents but its format remains almost the same. The essays consist of a number of elements which include: literary criticism, political manifestos, learned arguments, observations of daily life, recollections, and reflections of the author. Even though the definition of an essay is vague, it almost overlaps with those of an article and a story. In modern times, the essays are prose in verse. The personal essay should bring out the feelings and thought clearly. Hence, the essay is of simple language.

In a personal essay format, there are five parts. A good approach to the format of a personal essay involves the inclusion of the three main parts: introduction, body and conclusion. So the personal paper format is introduction, paragraph one, paragraph two, paragraph three and conclusion. A good personal essay is written keeping in mind the format of a personal essay. Depending on the length and the breadth of topic, one can include more than three main paragraphs in his or her essay. One can include two or three points in each paragraph. It’s better to avoid the usage off complex words and compound sentences in personal essays. The personal essay targets at readers in a simple fashion without much of contradiction.

In college personal essay format, this structure is followed to make a successful and influential essay. A personal essay should bring out the answers to the following questions one of which is, ‘What one is talking about in this paper?’ and by answering this question one should let the readers know what the subject is about. The information is short and simple. The next question is, ‘2. How the person is going to talk about it?’ and by answering this, the writer enters into the main body segment of the essay and its contents. The last question that arises is, ‘What the writer is going to prove in this paper?’ and this brings out the thesis statement based on the views of the writer.

The writer can write for or against the topic. At the end, the writer should end his work by bring out a summary of the entire content. The conclusion should also restate the introduction. Conclusion also helps to trace the arguments easily. The writer should also include relevant examples and illustrations in his essay as support to the points he writes. A personal essay format is much easier to write unlike other essays. The body of the personal essay consists of everything in between introduction and conclusion.

A good introduction in a personal essay format makes a strong influence on the readers. It is the introduction that entices more and more readers. Hence forth, a personal essay should be well arranged and expressed so that it creates an impression in other’s mind. The essay must have an everlasting impact on the minds of the readers. Another aspect that should be kept in mind is that the points should be put forward in an organized manner. A clearly organized paper also holds on the reader’s interest and also gives a convincing feeling to the readers on the topic.