Sample of a Personal Statement for College

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Seeking admission to a reputable university and looking for a good example of a personal statement for college? You simply need to gather pertinent information and write in an organized, cohesive manner. Remember to cite the following:

  • Your main career goal and how the institution where you want to enroll in can help you achieve it; reasons why you chose a specific field
  • Some personal traits and passions, as well as hobbies that may be linked to the chosen field of study
  • Your key accomplishments and activities that make you a good candidate for a particular course in the school where you wish to be accepted
  • How the school’s program, faculty, and facilities figure in your overall plans

Create a first draft, reread it, and edit until you come up with a polished personal statement. Here is an example of a personal statement for college that can give a good idea on what to use as jump-off point or talking points:

I am applying for the Business Administration program at the California State University. Since high school, I have enjoyed reading books about inspiring leaders. The strategic business ideas of top CEOs have immensely fascinated me. I discovered numerous business management techniques that I hope to practice when I set up my own business venture someday.

I can say that my readings have given me some intuitive judgment. I look forward to accomplishing coursework, including those that have something to do with corporate financial management; international business finance; and Government-Business Relations.

I believe that your school , which has a strong tradition of integrating liberal and professional education, can hone the skills I need as a businessman. I strongly feel I can develop into a good manager, but first I need to gain a solid understanding of principles for business administration. The courses lined up in the Business Administration program are all useful and aligned with my career goals.

I hope that the Admission Committee will grant me the opportunity to be part of the Business Administration program. and allow me to meet the high standards set by your academic institution.

The sample personal statement for college conveys the key points that highlight to the Admissions Committee why a student merits a place in a particular college community. It answers specific questions, notably why the student desires to enroll in a certain educational institution and why he/she has chosen a particular course. At the same time, it cites certain traits/qualities plus career goals that make the student a worthy candidate for admission. A good example of a personal statement for college is succinct and does not clutter the paper with information, such as test score, that the Admissions officer may already have.